Under a pallid light, noisy, 
Impudent Life runs and dances, 
Twists and turns, for no good reason 
So, as soon as voluptuous

Night rises from the horizon,
Assuaging all, even hunger,
Effacing all, even shame,
The Poet says to himself: “At last!

My spirit, like my vertebrae,
Passionately invokes repose;
With a heart full of gloomy dreams, 

I shall lie down flat on my back
And wrap myself in your curtains,
O refreshing shadows!”

– Charles Baudelaire, The End of the Day
Fonts: AdornS Serif, Century Schoolbook
A self-initiated project I created as practice and to build a portfolio that could help me shift my career toward publishing. If you know of an opportunity to work with books, that you think I'd be suitable for, please do let me know about it.

Thank you!
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