“Their constant attacks meant I never had to doubt my message. It must be right, because the people who disagreed with me were sooooo awful. The Carls were the perfect vector for disagreement because, through all of this, we still knew practically nothing about them. Governments were accused of hiding things because people just couldn't accept that those in power were exactly as lost as the rest of us. Human beings are terrible at accepting uncertainty, so when we’re ignorant, we make assumptions based on how we imagine the world. And our guess is so obviously correct that other guesses seem, at best, willful ignorance – at worst, an attack.”
– Hank Green, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
Custom vector lettering.
The logos appearing on this cover are not mine. This is a self-initiated project. I created it as practice and to build a portfolio that could help me shift my career toward publishing, and used the same text and logos that I found on the original cover.

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